Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mondo Bizarro Reviews Anime: Girls Bravo

According to someone I've known since High School, it's baffling that I don't like Anime.  It has something to do with my love of crazy, Japanese films like Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl and the like. 

I get it.  I'm just still not a huge fan of Anime.

With that in mind, I decided to try and track down some off-kilter shows/movies to review just to sort of test the waters.

While a normal person might do more mainstream stuff like Vampire Hunter D or stuff that I actually watched growing up (i.e. Cowboy Bepop).  I'm not that guy.  I had a couple options out there, but this one came up first...
This is a Harem Anime- also known as some Japanese word that I can't pronounce-, so it features one guy surrounded by lots of ladies...and one undeveloped girl.  This is apparently some sort of Anime trope, but feels weird in a show built around random nudity and groping.
The show's cast (minus the lead) breaks down like this...

1. Alien girl with boobs.  She doesn't know Earth customs/traditions.
2. Strong girl.  She constantly beats up the lead for perceived wrongs...but secretly loves him...I think.
3. Second alien girl.  She's afraid of men.
4. Third alien girl.  She has the body and mind of a 10 year-old.  Ew.
5. Perverted bad guy/plot device.  Hes' their Team Rocket.
6. Witch Girl.  Sister of perverted girl.  Loves the lead...due to random coincidence.  No joke.
7. Alien Girl #1's sister.  Barely appears.
8. Two Agents of Perverted Bad Guy.  The lady has a crush on Strong Girl.

That enough characters for you.  Now realize that this show has 24 Episodes...and still has filler.
If you watch Anime, the filler plots will apparently seem stock to you.  If you don't, they'll be really weird.  Among them are an episode where Alien Girl #1 is cloned, where Lead Guy has to dress in drag and one in which Strong Girl has to fight ladies...in mud.

You know the audience you're going for, don't you?
Ultimately, this show is just kind of weird.  It's kind of a Hentai, but with no sex.  It's much more about the humor...but boobs keep randomly showing up.  It's odd- that's for sure.  The plots are usually goofy fun, nothing more.  I guess they're pretty 'stock' for Anime, but I don't watch much (as stated).  If you can make sense of this weird mix, it's an interesting show.  It's a bit sugary though, lacking in any real substance.  When they do try to make the stories seem dramatic- see the First Date-, they just seem out of place.

As for me, there's just one thing that I have to deal with...
Should I review more Anime?  Should I stick to shitty/weird movies?  Give me your feedback, won't you?


  1. I have said that if you want some actual good suggestions you might actually like I can give you some. :-P

    I also have some less-than-good suggestions for you if you want to do more of these, of course.

    From what I see above, Girls Bravo is basically a standard-template harem show, nothing much to see there aside from...y'know. The harem template can be done in an interesting way if you do the characters well, but it tends to concentrate far more on "hey, look, boobs!" or (in the ones with a little bit higher standards of decency) just a constant "will they / won't they" without a lot of development than on anything else. :-P It's a show form that tends to be more fun when it's being twisted or parodied in some way...otherwise, well...you can pretty much copy and paste much of the above review for a lot of that particular genre.

    I'm interested in seeing you watch more anime, in part because, who knows, you might find something you like, but I suggest you probably try to avoid more harem stuff (mostly) if you don't want to just write the same review again. :-P I'll send some suggestions.

  2. It kind of ruins the fun to pick out stuff that *you know* is going to be good. Where's the Russian Roulette aspect?

    In all seriousness, I don't exactly hate 'Girls Bravo.' I may still watch the two-part finale before moving on to whatever weird shit I pick next.