Thursday, September 20, 2012

Instant Forgotten Sequels: From Dusk 'Till Dawn 3- The Hangman's Daughter

You remind me way too much of Ginger Snaps: The Beginning.  No, that is obviously not a compliment.  Today's film is the third From Dusk 'Till Dawn movie.   As you may have inferred, it's a Prequel.  Before I go too far, I have to ask- what is up with that?!?  It's not the most common trend in Cinema, but it happens more than you might think.  Ginger Snaps 3- Prequel.  Paranormal Activity 3- Prequel.  At least the Tremors Prequel was the fourth film, but, to be fair, the third film was really an extension leading into the TV show, so you could argue the case still.  Regardless, it's weird.  Let's see if Laid to Rest 3 or Hatchet 3 (UPDATE: It happened, but wasn't) will be a Prequel, I guess.  Back to this film...if I have to.  Released the same year as Part 2, this film is designed to set up the Original film, so it is a bit of a rehash.  I'll get into that in a bit more detail in the actual review.  Danny Trejo is back, making him the only link between all three films- joy.  Fun fact: Danny doesn't have his mustache here, implying that he shaved it off for a better film in between these two.  I won't waste any more space in this introduction and just dive right into the film...
Famous Writer Ambrose Bierce is the hero of this tale, a man trying to get to Pancho Villa.
However, fate intervenes and a famous Outlaw escapes his execution and flees with the titular daughter.
So, basically, this film is about Ambrose traveling with two Christians in Plot A.  Plot B features the Outlaw, the Daughter and his posse.  Plot C (which is practically non-existent) features the Hangman leading others to find them.  Get it?  Got it?  Good.
Instead of getting to the point, this movie drags its feet by having a bunch of gang interaction and our anti-hero leaving a young girl to hang.  Nice.
Ambrose and company make it to a bar and find Danny Trejo.  Praise Jeebus- you make this movie good again!
Everyone else converges on the Bar, leading to this movie having a point.  It's also here that you realize a key problem: this is practically a Remake.

Think about it: you have a Pastor/Priest, a young girl, some outlaws and other assorted n'er do wells trapped in a bar full of Vampires.  How creative.
The Vampire action is a good break from all the shooting and fighting, but it's still the usual fare for this series.
Blah blah blah Plot Twist blah blah blah They escape.  Oh and...
Famous Writer Ambrose Beirce is now a Vampire.  Take that, Bloodrayne 2!  The End.
Vampire Film continue to find different ways to suck.  Some of them are amateurish and stupid (Die Hard Dracula), some are ridiculous (Dracula Rising) while others are just not funny (Dracula Blows His Cool).  There's even a special place in my heart for all of those Vampire Sequels that ruin everything (Dracula II/III, Bloodrayne III, etc).  So what's the problem with this film?  To answer that, I say this- it's easier to say what the film didn't do right.  The acting- not good.  The plot- not good.  The effects- pretty damn silly.  The whole thing is a bottom heavy film.  That works for ladies- who doesn't love a Fat Bottomed Girl?- but not for films.  You have to wait AN HOUR for everyone to get to the bar.  They spend the previous sixty minutes setting up a dozen characters who get wiped out pretty quickly once the action begins.  About fifty minutes, they randomly introduce Orlando Jones (of Seconds Apart fame) as a guy in the bar.  His role- to get turned, dance with our heroine and then die.  Glad you spent that time wisely, guys!  The bottom line- it's hard to care about any of these characters.  Even a slew of Third Act Plot Twists- including the titular Daughter being Salma Hayek's character from the first one- add nothing to this dull mess.  If you want a great summary of how random this film is, consider this sequence.  A Vampire attacks the Hangman, who proceeds to wrap his whip around the thing's head and twists it, causing it to get cut off.  Seconds later, a giant snaked head pops out, taunts the guy and is immediately blown off with one shot.  That happens.
Next up, I change gears to cover the most infamous film in a '70s trilogy.  Will a change of locale help the Bears or kill them?  Stay tuned...

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  1. Nice review. Quite thorough. Personally, I love the first movie of this series, but can't say the same for the next two. The last two just have weird plots and lots of bad acting. I think that only the genius of Quentin Tarantino could pull together the strange premise of these movies and make it work.

    I got the chance to review of couple others in this series on my blog. They are short reviews but cover most the series. Check it out if you get the chance.