Friday, February 14, 2020

Quick *Holiday* Review: Force Majeure (2014)

This one is a triple whammy.  It is a Film which has a (pointless) U.S. Remake.  It is a Romance Film (of sorts), so it works for Valentine's Day.  Its Remake is opening today.

Could the fates align any more for me than they did for this couple you'll see below?  Read on...
A Swedish Couple are taking a long overdue vacation in the French Alps.  What could go wrong?
The family is close-knit, although tiny cracks are visible if you look close enough.

As an American, this looks odd to me.  Is it just our cultural hang-ups?
On Day 2 of the Trip, Lunch is interrupted by an Avalanche.  Not a SPOILER, since, you know, the Poster.

What he does in the face of this peril is what matters- he runs off on his own.
This event traumatizes everyone, the children included.

As time goes on, the Husband refuses to admit what he did.  Is he denying it to her or himself?
With the experience troubling everyone, can the arrival of some friends help them out?

Fun Fact: the last time I watched a Swedish Film being remade in America, it also had the guy from Game of Thrones in it.  Weird.
Can their marriage survive the vacation?  Can they work things out?  Will anything be the same?

To find out, watch the Golden Globe-nominated Film?  I saw it on Tubi, but it is on others too.
A good Film, although it is not an easy watch.  Cringe Comedy is a big thing.  Mainstream Films like Meet the Parents reveled in it and it has never gone away.  This is *close* to that.  It is definitely not a Comedy as its main Genre.  The Film is much more of a Human Drama that has some good Comedy elements in it.  I'm guessing the balance will be off with Downhill, a Film who's Title is just asking for bad Reviews and/or commentary on the Stars' Careers.  It is easy to see why the Film managed to strike a chord with Audiences and receive critical acclaim.  It is well-Acted.  It is well-Written.  It is well-shot.  The Director apparently started out learning how to make Films about Skiing and used that to form the basis of this Film.  It is one of those Films that simmers and comes to a slow boil like a teapot.  The reaction to the Film's key moment isn't a sudden outburst or big fight.  It is an awkward silence.  It is a tentative discussion.  It is rising tensions that finally come to the surface when the Wife wants closure.  The Film asks tough questions and presents very real characters.  It is a nice change of pace from just straight-up watching bad Horror Films with generic Plots.  I'm not a Film Snob by any means, so it is nice to indulge on occasion.  The Film doesn't really need a Remake, especially since a third of the dialogue is in English anyhow!  In the wake of Parasite's big win, can't we get over Foreign Remakes just for the hell of it?  To be honest, the worst thing I can say about this Film is its Swedish Title being far too close to that of a bad Johnny Depp Film's one...
A good, but uncomfortable Film.  If you are married, have been married or know married people, it will make you think...and squirm.

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