Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lost in Translation: Indepence Daysaster

If anyone thinks I'm just picking on the previous Rip-Off Cover Art inductee, let me assuage them.

I will now also pick on the German Cover Art for it too.  That at least makes me not racist (or something).
Kudos for for not ripping of Independence Day in either title or cover form.

Of course, this seems like they're going for Battleship instead.  I can't be the only one that sees it (based on the font choice), can I?

As a bonus, here's a Spanish-language DVD Cover (I don't know which Country) for it that is unique in its own way.
That's right- the front is the U.S. English Language Version and the back is the German (and probably most of Europe) Version!

It is the Rosetta Stone of Independence Daysaster DVD Covers!

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  1. Dayum what a shitty title. Surprised that the German title is so lame (Attack of the Alien-Warriors).