Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hilariously-Misleading Poster Art: Super Mario Bros

Okay, after this one I'm done- honest!

This is another one I found online that is so weird, random and misleading that I had to feature it!  Behold...
So...yeah, that's quite a lie.

1. Take a random Scene set in a tunnel.
2. Add Luigi (Mario).
3. Remove Tunnel.
4., fire, I think.
5. Randomly insert the face of Koopa as he appears in perhaps the last 10 minutes.

This. is. random!


  1. And why the hell are they on a mattress?

    1. That is about the only accurate bit in the thing, actually.

      Late in the film, Mario and the other kidnapped women (who didn't turn out to be the Princess) escape through some giant tunnels by riding a mattress.

      They are actually pursued by the 'Goombas' in that scene, but nothing else matches.