Saturday, June 28, 2014

Quick Review: Knights of Badassdom

Are you sad that Community is no more?  Are you upset that you have to wait for the next Season of Game of Thrones?  Well, if you fit into either category (or both), then I have the film for you...
I actually watched this awhile ago, liked it a bit and took a bunch of Screencaps.  I promptly forgot about it for awhile, so here it is.

Knights is all about LARPing.
As you can see, 'Tyrion' is here playing a guy who drags his friend- the one in the shiny armor- out to get over a break-up.  Also in the Cast...
'Abed' from Community (who does have a real name, I know).  He's not a huge part of it, but it is nice to see him.

Unfortunately, something real bad and evil gets summoned and our heroes are in danger.
Can the creature- who's look I won't SPOIL too much- be too powerful? 
Or will the power of magical rock save the day?  You probably know, but it is still worth seeing it go go down.  The End.
Can this tide you over until the Dragons return?  Having seen this film back  awhile ago, it is good to know that I still remember it well.  It is a bit slow going at first, but it is at least setting up the environment.  If you don't know about LARPing, it is a good thing.  If you do, it does at least give you some goofy humor.  The set-up is a bit silly- involving a magic book being used for seemingly-fake magic-  but it fits the silly tone of the whole thing.  This is not Lord of the Rings.  This is not even the Ralph Bakshi Animated Lord of the Rings cartoon.  It is, however, slightly more serious than the Disney Return of the King movie.  The Acting here ranges from amusing to so-so.  Not everyone here gives a stand-out performance, but nobody really disappoints either.  I'm curious to see if more comes of this, as the Ending sets up future adventures.  If you like to see people have fun with Fantasy (without really mocking it), I really recommend this one.  If you have no interest in Monsters or LARPing, then you're not going to care.  If you're still not sure, here is 'That Guy From Every Aaron Sorkin Project' about to be killed...
Not the best or most groundbreaking film, but still quite fun.  It has a nice Tenacious D&D feel!

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