Sunday, June 22, 2014

Completely-Deceptive Cover Art: Blade Runner 2?

A gift that I would eventually get around to actually using.  Better late than never, Maynard.

Thanks to my Foreign Blog Buddy, I got this weird-looking cover to a movie called...Blade Runner 2?  Entschuldigen Sie?
Thanks to the Internet, I know that this does NOT translate to anything remotely similar to Ridley Scott's classic film title.  It means 'The Decision.'

No offense, but that sounds more like some Movie of the Week from Lifetime where a lady must decide to give her baby up for adoption or something.

M-Dogg (feel free to use that now) also give me the film's less-Foreign Cover Art for comparison...
Battlespace- not again!!!

If it is anything like that film, you can just go ahead and kill the Earth without me.

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  1. Learning German, Lesson One:

    When I first saw this in my local DVD store, I immediately thought: "Was ist das für ein Scheiss?" That means in English something like "What the fuck is this?" :)