Monday, June 23, 2014

Mondo Bizarro Reviews Anime: Sekirei- Pure Engagement

It has been awhile since I *willingly* did an Anime Review.  What could bring me back?

To be more accurate, it is the 2nd Season of Sekirei...
Yes, the show about a schmuck in charge of up to 6 super-powered mutant ladies with giant boobs.  Well, all but the little girl...who is still around.  Here is an actual recap:

* A bunch of ladies with powers (Sekireis) are released in Tokyo to meet  their 'Masters' (Ashikabis).
* They are set against each other to whittle the numbers down.
* One asshole in charge of MBI is behind it and...he's a bit insane.
* Our hero- Minato- has four at the start of the Season, but eventually will end up with six.  Harem!
The 2nd Season has more of the same, but with more actual nudity.  Got to up the ante, I guess.
As for the actual Story, you get more fighting, more melodrama and a prolonged story about a Sekirei with a (gender) identity crisis.  I won't SPOIL the whole thing for you, as it is...odd.
Many will fight.  Many will flash their boobs.  One (you care about) will die.  I hope this doesn't SPOIL things for you.
It is also worth noting the OVA (Original Video Animation) that is supposed to take place BEFORE the start of Season 2, but stuck at the END of Season 2 on Netflix Streaming.

The point of it: Boobs.  Specifically, to make fun of this character for having small ones around 10,000 times.
On top of that, we get to see Musubi forcibly-fondle Tsukiumi (for some reason).  It truly is a The More You Know Segment.  The End.
When in doubt, just add more nudity.  That works for this Anime, but probably not for your High School Play.  If you do that, you can't legally sue me!  Sekirei is not that deep of a show.  Ladies with superpowers and giant boobs fight.  It does try to raise itself above that simple summary with lots of melodrama and attempts to make you care deeply about the Characters.  I didn't get that attached, but I could see how people could be.  The show has some odd neck-snapping turns into melodrama that just feel super-forced.  We get the full explanation of one of the Sekireis and their Ashikabi about 20 Episodes or so into the show...and then one of them dies.  They see it as so important that the regular End Credits are replaced with a montage of the characters in happier moments.  I get it!  The show actually ends (officially) with about 20 teases for future Plot Points, as well as reminding you that some Plot Points (like Minato's sister meeting up with him again) that they never bothered to close up.  Speaking of which, the whole 'Musubi gets possessed to save the day' thing from the last Season Finale is never addressed again.  Thanks for that, guys.  While there is some interesting stuff going on in this show (which hasn't had a new Episode in 4 Years), this shot sums up how the experience feels to me...
Next up, she's a girl.  She's also a Squid (since this is an Anime).  Stay tuned...

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