Friday, June 13, 2014

'Holiday' SPOILER Theatre: Friday the 13th x 2 (Plus a Famous Guest)

It is the sort-of Holiday that comes every few months thanks to random chance- Friday the 13th.  Let's celebrate with the return of a segment I haven't done since October.

There is a fitting amount of irony to that, actually.

1) In Friday the 13th: Jason Takes Manhattan, the film ends with the titular villain getting, well, melted in toxic waste.  It is pretty definitive.
In spite of that, he just kind of shows up in the next film.  Speaking of which...

2) In Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell, Jason is killed in the beginning, turns into a worm and revives himself...just to die again.
To further cement his death, his mask is dragged down to Hell.  So, naturally, we get him going to space in the next one.

To complete the set, there's Halloween H2O.

3) Michael (aka The Shape) is shot, stabbed and eventually crushed against a tree by a Van.  Still alive?  Well, let's just decapitate him while we're at it!
Naturally, they find a bullshit way to make him survive (which I won't justify with an explanation) for one last film!

So, the moral is this: Don't Trust that Horror Villains are Dead, As Long As Money is Left To Be Made.

Happy (or Scary) 13th, Internet!

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