Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Night of the Lepus (Part 2)

We return to Night of the Lepus with the other notable Poor Bastards of Cinema from it.

After the pointless killing of the Truck Driver, we are TOLD that other victims were discovered that same day.  Victims like...
These folks at a Picnic.  It could be worse- it could be a family reunion!
We get to see even more victims, who appeared to die from having their shirts ripped and Ragu rubbed on their backs.
Oh and one more for flavor.  Ragu got everywhere!
So what was the point of these victims?  Unlike the ones you'll see later (like the Shop Owners and Residents), these people are not set-up at all.  They don't even get the little bit that the Truck Driver got.

These people were just killed off-camera to establish that...um, the bunnies are killers.  Joy.

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