Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Through Adult Eyes: Paw Patrol

Things are different when you're an adult.  Shows don't look the same.  As such, here is a possibly-recurring segment examining shows aimed at a *younger* demographic through the crazy, jaded eyes of an adult.

I've got a doozy of a first show.  This is for all of you with young kids...
It is a cute, inoffensive Show involving talking Dogs in theme outfits and a kid.  It is all about morals and what-not.

Don't believe me?  See the card displayed for each Episode.
That's nice...but is it?  Let's examine it through adult eyes...
The town in Paw Patrol has no Police, Firemen, etc.  In their place, they have talking dogs in tiny cars.

What kind of twisted place is this?!?  Consider these scenarios...

* You're trapped in a burning House and the only one that can save you is this Dalmatian Puppy.
* There is a Gang War downtown and one Puppy is there to stop it.
* The building you're in explodes due to the faulty electric work done by a Puppy.

Yes, they can talk...but can they keep a city from falling apart?
I think not.

Do you have an idea for some more Shows to feature?  Leave a comment and I just may feature your suggestion in the future.

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