Friday, May 26, 2023

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Light Blast (1985) {Part 2}

 Another dose of people in the wrong place and the wrong time from this Italian '80s Film.

The villain uses the titular Light Blast at a Stock Car Show.

Everyone loves those, right?

He blasts the giant LCD Clock that all of these things have and the people melt inside.

They aren't really the Poor Bastards, but I did want to show off more melting people.
This melting- and the subsequent explosion- scares the crowd away.

They run for their lives and... jump off of the platform to the concrete?!?

Darwin Awards Nominees here.
The dozen or so folks trample each other and fall to their deaths.

As one final insult, the TV News SHOWS THE DEAD BODIES ON THE AIR.


This is about 2 years before R. Budd Dwyer's infamous Press Conference, so I guess they hadn't learned that lesson yet.
The moral- don't go to Stock Car Shows.  All 12 of you need to stop it!

Next up, a far less consequential death in the grand scheme of things.  In other words, it is perfect for this segment.  See you then....

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