Thursday, January 27, 2022

Tubi Thursday: Doppelganger (1993)

 It's part one of a double-bill by the Director, so keep an eye out.

First up, we have Avi Nesher's '90s opus that said 'What if Single White Female was just ridiculous?'  This is...

A young woman- Drew Barrymore- shows up and kills a woman who was talking loudly about 'getting rid of her' behind the door.

She kills her.
Now this same young woman is...not a killer?


You won't be...and then you will be again.
She moves in with a young man- future Superman Voice Actor George Newbern- who's a slightly-failing Screenwriter.  He's 'Patrick Highsmith,' which is Nesher's play on Patricia Highsmith, a successful Author.

For his next few Films, he'd Credit himself as this same name.

Not Avi Nesher here learns more and more about Barrymore's family life, like the fact that her brother may have killed her Dad or that the Police think that she killed her Mom (like we saw).
Since I couldn't find the shot on Google, I figured I'd have to include it.

Barrymore is harrassed by some Construction Workers and she kicks one in the balls for it.

That man- Danny Trejo.
Strange things start to happen around Barrymore...

A dark and mysterious double keeps appearing.
People are getting killed (strangely not Trejo).
She tells him that she has a Doppelganger, but nobody believes her.

When he tells his friend/Writing Partner, she doesn't either.
It seems like her- or her Doppelganger- tried to kill her Brother (who's between her and inheriting the whole Estate).  Her Doctor- that guy from It and Fade to Black- says that she needs help.

What's the truth?

It is honestly too bonkers for me to SPOIL, so just see for yourself.
Oh boy, this is...weird.  This is straight out of the '90s for all of the best and worst reasons.  If you like '90s Films that tried to be Erotic Dramas, this will delight.

To note, the Film has two bits of actual Nudity (involving Barrymore, of course) and suggestive framing.  It's really an R-Rating for blood and insanity.

The Plot tries to be alot of things and barely succeeds at any of them.  It tries to be Psychological, but just relies on that false understanding of Multiple Personality Disorder.  It tries to be Horror, but its most shocking moments are fake-outs (until the end).  It tries to be erotic (sometimes), but our Leads have no chemistry.

It all slow builds to a bonkers reveal involving (without context) a series of disguises, a monster (of sorts), the set collapsing and, of course, one last fake-out.

I'll close with a bit set up from a YouTube video where Peter Sagal (who's supposedly an Extra somewhere in here) talks about this Party Scene having 'freaky metal sculptures everywhere.'  Well, I found one for sure.


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