Thursday, January 13, 2022

Tubi Thursday: Dark Waters (1994)

 Is this the most common name for a Film ever?  You wouldn't think so, but just go on IMDB to see how many Films are called 'Dark Water' or 'Dark Waters.'  Now go back and read about this one...

Somewhere far away on an Island, a strange series of occurrences happen.

Flooding.  Crashing.  Death.

It all seems to relate to this stone this Nun jumps to the death with it.
Jumping ahead some time later, the Mother Superior is now blind and nearly dead.

Also the Nuns are flagellating themselves and other weird shit is going down.

Vrbo Review- 0 Stars.
A young woman named Elizabeth is going back for the first time in years.

She has to pass through a Lovecraftian Town to get there.

Before she gets there, her friend- who invited her- is killed by the Nuns.
Is this the worst guy to ride on a Boat with?  Possibly.

Lots of freaky and weird stuff happens along the way as our Heroine learns that the Nuns are into some really freaky stuff.

That's mostly it for the next 46 minutes or so.
Do Elizabeth's visions hint at what really happened all those years ago?
Why did her Dad keep financing this Church?
What secrets will be unearthed?

Oh and why does this Film feel very Italian, but actually made by Russians?
Will Elizabeth be the Heroine of this tale and save the day...or unleash evil upon the Earth?

To find out, stream the odd Film.
Is Dark Waters bad?  No.  It has a unique (if Italian-inspired) look and feel.
Is Dark Waters really good?  No.  It's odd, dream-like feel makes it hard to latch on the supposed reality, making it very disconnected tonally.

I want to like Films like this, in case you didn't know.  I like- to a certain extent- Lucio Fulci's freaky Films like his infamous Trilogy, Demonia or the rest.  I like Dario Argento's 3 Mothers Trilogy quite alot.

This one has the feel- especially Fulci-esque- but doesn't every really make a strong Story.  It tries near the end, but it's just a big, pretty mess of freaky visuals until then.  If you can stick with it, it might be worth the journey.

Just don't confuse this sacrilegious Horror Film with, oh, a Political Thriller about Corruption in Business...

It is worth a look for fans of the freaky, as it is fairly-obscure.  That said, just expect to go 'ooh' and 'ah' more than 'Oh, that's neat.'

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