Saturday, August 1, 2020

New Streaming: Creepshow- 'Night of the Paw'

Another week and another Segment from the Shudder-exclusive (unless you get the DVD)...
In this Segment, a famously-untrustworthy device proves to be, well, untrustworthy.

Fate seems to bring a female Criminal on the run to the home of an old man in the Funeral Business.

Well, it wasn't so much fate as it is was...
He explains to the confused and upset woman why he brought her to him.

He tells the tale of him and his Wife using the titular Paw.
As you can guess, it doesn't end well.  I won't fully SPOIL that though.
He has a very odd, but logical request from her.  Will she fulfill it?

After that, will she dare to use the Paw?  To find out, stream it.
A dark, but good Segment.  The whole thing isn't too surprising.  Monkey Paw Stories are pretty well-known by now and they never contain too many surprises.  The key here is not surprising you with the results, but rather delivering on the payoff.  You know the wishes are turned against you.  You know they are more curses than anything else.  What this does well is show you in graphic, but contained, detail just how bad they can be.  The stuff with Davison is poignant.  He really makes this work.  I don't say that to take away from the other Actors, but he has the most here.  He makes you feel for him.  Hell, he's good enough here for me to forgive him for directing Bigfoot by The Asylum!  Seriously, that was really him!  The make-up work is just realistic enough to creep you out without being excessive.  I haven't seen enough actual bodies to verify how exact their work is, mind you.  Not like I would admit to that if I had!  If you are looking for surprises, you won't get any here.  That said, the Horror comes from knowing what is going to happen and waiting for the grim payoff.  Hopefully the Show gets some more mainstream exposure, since I don't want to be one of those people waiting around in the dark for it to get its due.
Next time, a shorter Segment that features revenge and...well, no SPOILERS.  This is one of the odder ones for reasons I'll get into.  See you then..

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