Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Netflix and Thrill: Castlevania (Season 1)

I neglected to talk about this when I first saw it.  I neglected to get around to it when I saw that Season 2 was coming.

I will neglect it no more.

Can Netflix make a good Video Game Show (that isn't Captain N: The Game Master)?  Let's see...
Dracula is a world-famous Monster (even in the 15th Century), so why is he courting this woman?
What could drive Dracula to declare War on all of mankind?
Can we rely on this semi-drunk Hero to save us from the creatures of the night?
Will his battle with a mysterious Warrior end up helping humanity or escalating its doom?

To find out, watch the Show('s 1st Season).
A good tease of what is to come, although still just a tease.  So I watched the 4 Episodes they put out as 'Season 1' quite a while ago.  Why didn't I review it sooner?  Well, for me, this is not really a complete Season.  It is around 2 Hours, but it is still just setup.  We see Dracula.  We see him start his war on Humanity.  We see Trevor Belmont start to become the Hero that his Family wanted him to be.  We see Alucard.  We get all sorts of nice things, but...that's it.  This is all setup.  We don't get anything conclusive, other than the ending of one Battle.  I get it- it's Season 1.  I just wish that they actually could make this feel more complete.  With Season 2 now Streaming, this is better...but still pretty incomplete.  I'll save my thoughts on Season 2 for later.  For now, I'll say that you can enjoy the style, production values and set pieces of the 4 Episodes just fine.  I just wanted more from a 'Season,' but, as always, I'm more nitpicky with stuff that is good.  I mean, it could be way worse...
More of a tease of what the Story is going to be than a complete thought.  Even so, well-made stuff.

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