Thursday, November 8, 2018

King Me: Castle Rock- 'Harvest'

After a quick break, I'm back to break down the halfway point of the Series (so far).  What happens?
The Kid/Prisoner is free (for the time being) and our Hero is trying to get him tested.
While he takes care of stuff in town, he tells the nearly-mute man to stay put.  Naturally, he doesn't.
He has some personal issues of his own to deal with while that is happening, from dealing with his Mother's loss of sanity to the fact that his foster Dad's body is apparently melting!

Rough day, no?
As weird stuff happens in the Area (including a Wildfire), the Prisoner continues to draw the attention of some people.
Will a night-time confrontation lead to some truths or just more teasing of a Plot?

To find out, watch the Episode.
It all sounds good on paper.  I know that you don't hear paper, but just accept the expression.   Something big happened last Episode (no SPOILERS) and now the Series is coasting again.  So close!  They keep acting like something is about to happen- look at all of the tension!- and then...nothing.  What you get to see is nice and well-made.  Given that, it's an extra shame that the payoff keeps being delayed and delayed!  It's all for naught if I can't enjoy any big moments without reservation, no?  Everyone does their best with the material.  I don't fault the Actors.  Everyone here is good, ranging from big performances to far more subtle ones.  I just want more when the people are so good and the source material is so rife for good storytelling.  As if my complaining isn't enough proof, here's the Director doing a downward Crane Shot for no reason (other than boredom- presumably)...
Next time, I'm taking a sabbatical from this Show (for many reasons).  When and if I return, we'll see what happens in this Town.  See you then?

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