Saturday, September 7, 2013

Poor Bastards of Cinema: No One Lives (Part 2)

Crime doesn't pay.  For that matter, neither does reporting.

In another Poor Bastards of Cinema for No One Lives, we see the Hotel Manager report Crazy Guy using The Driver's Credit Card to check into the same Hotel that he was in last night.  Granted- he doesn't know it.

Even so, what an amazing coincidence!
A Sheriff shows up to question the guy.  He looks like someone you can trust, right?
Sure enough- he has sinister motives.  That or his gun just wanted to say 'Hello.'  Do you want to say 'Hello,' Gun?
That is one mean 'Hello!'  Remind me to never greet you at a Party!
So yeah, he's pretty dead now.  Like really, really dead.
What did this accomplish?  I guess this film needed one more dead body.

Oh and never be a Cop in a movie.  Ever.  It never ends well.  Ever.

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