Sunday, September 8, 2013

Indy Phantom: Angel of Music

I see what you were going for, but you failed.  Today's film is Angel of Music, a strange attempt at ripping off a Dan Brown novel.  Worst of all: it reminds me of another bad, low-budget movie I watched recently.  That film: The Frankenstein Theory.  The premise is this: The Phantom of the Opera is real.  Not only that, but a Cult formed to keep the secret of the Phantom's love child.  Why?  How?  Who cares?  Apparently the film with through a number of big changes over the couple years it took to get made.  It was at one point going to be a Period Drama based on the Book.  I think that has already been made...several times.  They finally decided to make this 'Mystery' film, but even that was not the end.  Allegedly the final cut of the film was 83 minutes long at first.  According to IMDB, the film was 'too complicated for those who didn't read the book,' so they cut it down to 47 minutes.  That's right- 47 minutes.  Really sure of your work, huh?  Regardless of how long it is, the whole thing feels like someone's first attempt at making a film.  To see just how that goes, read on...
The film begins with a statement right away that you just have to either accept or not.  Here it is...
This guy is a Reporter attempting to prove this fact.  Why?  To get his wife to care about him again.

Seriously, just take her to Dinner or something!  Was this your best option?
He begins to search for the truth, going through a microfiche of blatant plot exposition.  It's just about as silly as the All-Exposition Website from The Black Dahlia.  This is what you've driven me to, movie- I'm referencing an Uli Lommel film!
Did I mention that they use terrible Green Screen Effects?  Oh yeah, this film was made in 2009 too.
As the investigation goes on, our hero gets a bit crazy and TOO invested in the tale.  He begins to even think that he IS The Phantom.  In a better film, I'd care.
Speaking of bad movies, this film also has a scene that reminds me of The Room.  They're actually outdoors, but you try not to think about it when you see this...
Eventually, we learn that the reason for his craziness is because he was dosed with some hallucinatory drugs by the Cult.  They don't stop him from finding out the truth- they just dick around with him.

I'm sorry, but how was this EVER kept a secret with people like you behind it.
In The End, the Cult just outright kills him.  Of course- the murder of an Investigative Journalist would draw no attention!  Throw in the murder of a blond lady and you definitely have something that nobody would DARE investigate.
Ooh, Sequel Bait?  No thanks.  The End.
This is a mystery best kept secret.  Look- I don't judge you for trying to make something new.  I just judge you fairly for making a bad movie.  Your movie looks cheap.  Your movie has a silly, badly-executed plot.  Your Green Screen Effects were very bad and distracting.  The biggest complaint: you didn't make me care.  Your movie was just not made/told in a way to make me interested in your characters or story.  I think that there is a good story that could be told about this.  While the whole idea of 'The Phantom of the Opera was real' is a bit silly. you could do something with it.  This, as I said, was not that movie.  It says something that even the head shot of your lead Actress is looking at you judgmentally...
Up next, a re-approach a crazy Japanese film from my collection in order to prepare for its sequel.  Zombies, Baseball and a Poison Bat called Poison Bat- oh my!  Stay tuned...

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