Friday, May 17, 2024

Streaming Standard: X-Men 97- Episodes 5-10

 I was planning to do another split, but what is the point in doing 5-7?

The Show has now wrapped up, so let's cover the rest, shall we?

In Episode 5, Genosha is turned into a pro-mutant land (in contrast to one that enslaved them), with Gambit, Rogue and Magneto attending.

As I'm sure you know, things go horribly wrong.
In Episode 6, Storm finally faces off with her personal demons...and a real demon (of sorts).

Can she regain her powers?
Oh, and what's going on in space?
In Episode 7, the hidden threat reveals itself to the audience- but not yet our Heroes.

He's creating a creepy, new kind of villain army to conquer all of mutantkind.

Tensions also mount due to personal loss and how they handle it.
In Episode 8, the threat is revealed to the X-Men and it is a big one!

The Mansion has been in one piece for too long, so you know what is going to happen.
In Episode 9, Magneto makes a big play that literally shakes the World.

The X-Men must reunite and rebound to stop him...and the other massive threat to the World.

No days off here!
The final battle...or battles take place!

Can the X-Men fight a two-front war to save a World that hates them?

How much trauma will the fans suffer waiting for Season 2?

To find out, stream the Show now.
A big, bombastic way to wrap up the Season!  So much happens.
I really don't want to SPOIL too much- you know how hard that makes this?!?

The Show gives everyone a bit of an Arc- some more than others- and everything seems to pay off.  We get big action, big drama and some great twists & turns.

As a life-long comic nerd, I could see a few of them coming, thanks to them being based on/versions of/riffs of Comic Stories.
There is a big focus on the 1990s X-Men Comics here, which does kind of make sense.

The returning Cast does great, while the new Voice Actors are also quite good.  Who would have guessed that I'd like Theo James after those Divergent Films?

This feels like a strong continuation of the Show- thankfully without the new, worse Art Style- and makes fans like me wanting more Shows like this.
For instance, how about these two?

A great second batch of Episodes that feels like a great Season 6.  Now the long wait for 'Season 7' begins...

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