Friday, October 23, 2020

New Streaming: 'The Boys'- 'We Gotta Go Now'

 As we work our way to the Season 2 Finale later than many, let's see what fresh insanity we'll get on...

In the wake of recent events, Butcher wants nothing more than to disappear.

What better place than the Suburbs?

Homelander would probably like to disappear too after a video emerges of him killing a Supe Terrrorist...and the innocent man behind him.

He doesn't care about the loss of life- he cares about being 9 points down in Polling!
Close to disappearing is Black Noir, who is hiding after tracking Butcher.

He's not going to make things easy...
Will the events of the Episode break Homelander...or make him stronger than ever?

To find out the answer to that and many other questions, watch the Episode.
A bit of violence and depravity for the whole family.  Well, maybe not the kids...or squeamish Adults.  I'm not sure that any Episode doesn't feature a violent death so far and this one is no exception.  There are many big moments here and I obviously don't want to SPOIL them.  I will just say that ending and violent in a different kind of way.  The Show always does a great job of parallel structure for events.  So, for instance, you see the danger of Homelander's eye beams in the 'viral video' and you later see a different reaction at the end.  They manage to keep so many moving parts in motion too, which is what a good Showrunner can do.  As I've mentioned before, some Shows can do this, but at the cost of plot momentum.  They nail a good balance here- kudos.  You always get a crazy moment or two, lots of Plot Points and a new revelation to keep things exciting.  I'm impressed that they can keep this up in the home stretch.  Hopefully, they can stick the landing, unlike the Snyder/Whedon Justice League Film that they keep referencing...

Next time, a power couple, a secret mission and lots of backstory.  Also lots of death.  See you then...

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