Wednesday, July 8, 2020

New Streaming: Creepshow- 'The Man in the Suitcase'

As one of my Birthday presents, I can finally catch up on the rest of this Show.

I'll highlight all but one, since it ties into a certain Holiday.  This is...
In this Segment, we learn that wealth and ambition can come with a price.  Also just take the Bus.
A listless guy returns home and things aren't going his way.

His girlfriend just dumped him and he has no prospects.
He's also a stoner, because cliche. 
An apparent mix-up at the Airport- or is it?!?- leads to him getting some luggage that...starts making sounds.  What's inside?

No SPOILERS, except for, you know, the Title and all.
When his recent-ex and his roommate get involved, will they do the right thing?

Of course not- it's a Creepshow segment.  Duh!
Good, if rough storytelling.  The hook here- the titular Man in the Suitcase- is a good one.  The visuals- which I won't SPOIL- are good.  The twists- also no SPOILERS- are good.  The payoff- yadda yadda- is good.  It's all good.  I'm not sure that it is great though.  It is a slight tweak on some pretty familiar Creepshow stuff.  I get it- not everything needs to 'reinvent the wheel.'  I think that this one just needed a slight tweak or two to really be great.  That said, it is quite fun and works as a micro-story/segment here.  Many of these could be stretched to fill a feature-length narrative.  Could this?  Eh, maybe.  The Man in the Suitcase isn't exactly chock full of nuance, but it is a nice twist on the classic 'Be careful what you wish for- you just might get it' idea.  Now where did I keep my change for the Bus?
Next time, another segment involving, you know, a freaky monster or anything.  I didn't read ahead, so neither should you.

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