Monday, July 22, 2019

Poor Bastards of Cinema: I Drink Your Blood (Part 1)

I Drink Your Blood was a strange Film.

If you missed/skipped the Review, it amounts to this: Satanic Hippies kill people due to Rabies.
No, really.

During their rampage, they take quite a few innocents.  First up, this woman who finds two of them looking sad and weak nearby.
She takes them and starts carving up Ham for them.  Who hasn't been there?!?

One of them eyes the Electric Carving Knife she set down.
Seeing a stranger grab a weapon near her only garners this face before...
Her hand is chopped off (in one motion!) and she runs outside.  I hope I die making this face too.
In summary: she tried to help two people and got killed.

The moral: don't show off your Electric Carving Knife.  What good could come from that?!?

Next time, more victims and more silliness.  That would have been the Tagline for the Remake (had the Director not died during Pre-Production).  See you then...

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