Sunday, July 21, 2019

DCE-Hulu; Swamp Thing- 'The Price You Pay'

We're now in the second half of the Series.  Will the quality be maintained for the end run?  Let's see...
A night in the Swamp proves to be dangerous for our Hero as Sunderland's men come looking.  They won't like what they find.
In the aftermath of last Episode, someone is in a coma.  They won't be there long!
We get a neat little flashback for 'Blue Devil' in which he 'makes a bargain' that is key to his being trapped in Town.
After last Episode's outburst, a big truth is revealed about Alec's 'death,' among other subjects.
If he can survive all of the attention, can Swamp Thing make peace with himself for Abby's sake?

To find out, stream it.  You're all enjoying Young Justice again, no?
What can I say- it's another good one!  Swamp Thing continues to do a nice, slow and steady burn on its Plot.  We know that Sunderland is up to something bad.  We know that his Scientist buddy is up to some bad things too.  Hell, the people in charge of the Law are not blameless in this Town!  They continue to build everything up nicely.  As a bonus, they don't get too predictable.  For instance, this one doesn't *really* have a creature for our Hero to battle.  Way to not be formulaic, guys!  It's all good and I can't wait to see what comes next.  How can you not root for a couple like this?!?
Next time, more intrigue and Plot.  I try to stay blind here, so no SPOILERS from me yet.  See you then...

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