Friday, May 31, 2013

Lazy Cover Art: Slasher Film Extravaganza

When you see so many films, it's hard not to notice trends.  One of them I've felt like addressing is a trend in Slasher Film covers.  Let's start off with Urban Legend 2, a film that totally needed to be made.
Seems simple enough.  How about the third film- which has completely abandoned the serial killer concept- to see if there is something in common?
Speaking of third films in the series (although this one has a Zombie Fisherman), here's yet another familiar poster.
Leave it to David DeCoteau to rip off this familiar idea for a Slasher film of his own.
 But wait- there's more.

For his 1313 series, he ripped it off AGAIN.  Dull surprise.
One more for the road- a 2012 Slasher film that benefits from an extra-nightmare-inducing mask.  Yikes.
The next time you and your friends stand together in a line, look behind you.  There's a 99% chance that a masked killer is behind you.

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