Thursday, September 19, 2019

King Me: Castle Rock- 'Past Perfect'

Has the Show stopped Trolling me?  I'm hoping for something strong as they enter the home stretch.  Let's see...
We follow...this new Couple who move to Castle Rock to open a Murder-Themed B&B.  That's nice, but who are you and why is this opening the THIRD TO LAST Episode?
In the wake of what happened (not in flashbacks), the Prisoner meets up with our Hero and keeps acting creepy.  He makes a strange claim- he's been waiting 27 years for him.

Isn't 27 years the gap between Pennywise appearances too?  Is he also Pennywise here?!?  Am I trying to find anyway to make it seems like this Show has a point?
The B&B Sub-Plot connects to a few things- such as the random return of Jackie Torrance after, what, 6 Episodes and The Prisoner via some weird paintings- and ties back to the beginning with all of this taking place in the Warden's House.

I like how they re-use the Audio of said Warden to really pad out how much they got 'Locke' to be in this Show.
It all comes to a head as our Hero meets the B&B Owners.  This can't end well, can it?

To find out, watch the Episode before the Series returns next Month.
Hallelujah!  Something actually happened here- alot of things, in fact.  Granted- many of them involve Characters we just met in THIS EPISODE, but I'll count it.  A couple deaths and attempted murder is enough to liven things up.  We also get off-screen, after-the-fact deaths or two- yea.  We eventually get a follow-up with our Hero and his time in the Silent Room.  Granted- it comes after 10 minutes of the B&B Set-up and a 'Previously on' part.  After last week's distraction, people probably did need this more than ever.  On the positive side, they have more creepy Prisoner moments, more Plot progression (for what there is), more explanation of how the Prisoner works and some good scares.  It's almost like they could have done this more often and I wouldn't have just stopped watching halfway through.  It's still alot of 'people staring at things while eerie music plays.'  It's still alot of stalling.  We just actually get enough good moments and some Plot in between.  Plus we get this not-so-subtle reference to a much better King Film involving Jackie Torrance...
Next time, stuff actually happened once, so can it happen again?  I don't have my hopes up.  See you then...

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