Wednesday, September 11, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Titans- 'Trigon'

After a very uneven first Season, can things turn around for the better?  Here's hoping...
Trigon has risen thanks to Raven and he has plans to, of course, conquer the Planet.  Will he succeed?
The group- including Hawk, Dove and Jason Todd- arrives to help.  Can they?
Trigon finally rises as his (sort of) true form to conquer the World directly.  Can he be stopped?

Seriously, this CGI is sort of decent, but that's it.  We waited all Season for that?
Can the group survive the danger and regroup to form a proper Team?

No SPOILERS, but there's not much Trigon footage in the Teaser, so...figure it out.  It's now on Streaming.
It's about the same, but maybe it can get better.  For some reason, they cut an Episode last Season and ended with an hour-long dream sequence.  This time, they return and pad out only half of the Episode with them.  Yea?  The whole thing with Trigon and how his powers work is kind of lame.  He makes you live out a bad vision and if you do something bad in it, you are controlled by him.  So, basically, he keeps cheating until you do the bad and logical thing.  Even in this context, the Show cheats by having two characters just do drugs- hard ones, mind you- in their dream/vision.  The other people committed (simulated) murder, but that's the same- sure!  The big draw and the big drawback here is Trigon.  He finally shows himself- kind of- and they don't do much with it.  The whole thing is wrapped up- I won't say how- before the Show is over, leaving time for two extended bits to take place.  What a weird use of build-up-and-pay-off!  After all of that silliness, we do get the set-up for Deathstroke (as odd as it is) and the Titans Tower.  Hopefully there's more payoff to referencing the original Team and I'd have to think so, given that they designed a costume for Wonder Girl.  WB wouldn't waste all that time and money on a costume for a few pick-up shots, right?  Right?  I want this Show to be good, but this semi-re-Pilot didn't sway me just yet.  I want them to prove me wrong.  I will give them one point- they nailed how much of a dick Jason Todd was in the Comics...
Next time, we got teases of something better.  Will they actually deliver though?  See you then...

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