Sunday, February 10, 2019

Quick Reviews: Yor- The Hunter From the Future

According to Wikipedia, this Film came out (in Italy) just 5 days after I was born.  As such, we share a kinship.  So when Rifftrax got involved, it was time to watch this one again...
In a dangerous, prehistoric World, beauty and fear co-exist in a dangerous dance.  Who can tame it?
Yor!  Just listen to his Theme Song- it's his World and he's 'the man!'
He battles evil Cavemen, romances a Tabula Rasa Hottie and adventures with...the same old man from Strike Commando(?!?).  Who said that these Films were made cheaply again?
Slowly but surely, Yor learns some secrets about his past that will change everything!
It's not a SPOILER to show the sci-fi element.  After all, every Poster made for America does!
Will he save the day?  Will the Film end inconclusively due to this being more of a set-up to a Mini-Series that wasn't made than a Film?  Is this hilarious?

To find out, watch the Film- with or without Rifftrax (or both!).
I love this silly little gem.  I'm not the first person to tell you about Yor right?  It's not even new to me- I watched it years ago.  With Rifftrax putting the track/Film combo out recently (and me having a credit), I went back and re-watched it.  It still holds up.  It's still stupid as hell.  It's still pretty nonsensical.  The Poster is like 80% lie.  Hell, they don't even have Reb's proper hair on it!  He's not from the Future.  He's barely even a Hunter.  He is Yor and it is his World though- that's just set in stone!  Speaking of stone, they try to make this look like the Stone Age.  Stuck the landing!  Seriously, the Film spends 80% of the runtime acting like this is just straight Fantasy.  Granted- the Italian Title was Yor's World (translated).   We seem to be the Country behind the Subtitle and confusingly-SPOILER-but-not-really Poster I used over here in America.  This is based on a Book BTW.  How are so many Films that don't look like they should be based on Books- like Beaks, Slugs and Bug (by William Castle)- actually based on them?!?  Never mind The Meg!  While I know that it is sacrilege to say it, I'd liked to see a big-screen Remake of this with like $40-50 million behind it- provided you get a good Director.  That said, the original is almost an anti-classic.  It's so bad that it's good!  You can watch this for cheap- the older DVDs or VHS- or shiny and new- like the Blu-Ray Special Edition.  Speaking of which, nice to see you again, Reb!
Basically a ridiculous Film made by a talented Director with no inhibitions.  It is silly, stupid and just plain amazing!

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