Thursday, November 7, 2019

Streaming Standard: Stranger Things- Season 3

Even though it dropped right around my Birthday, I didn't commit to watching it until the end of October.

Why rush to see it when the wait is going to be that much longer?

Now that I've seen it, here's the usual summary and commentary...
It has been many months since Season 2 ended and it is now Summer!

Time to enjoy the sun and sights, especially with a new Mall in town!
Unfortunately, the Show would be quite boring if nothing happened.

As such, a creature starts to form and a mystery involving magnets is uncovered.

A mystery about magnets?  Quick- call the Insane Clown Posse!
In typical fashion, they find a creative way to split the group up for most of the Episodes.

In this case, Dustin is trying to uncover the mystery of Starcourt Mall with some friends- old and new.
Can they uncover the dark secret of what is happening to people in Town?
Will the evil of the Mind Flayer be too much for even Eleven to handle?

To find out, stream the Show.  Season 4 is filming now, so enjoy the slightly-shorter wait.
Another solid Season of binge-worthy 'TV.'  For the record, I watched it faster than normal for me- one Episode a day over around a week.  I took a slight break before the finale, of course, but I definitely rushed it for October.  As far as the Show goes, I liked it quite a bit.  We get a wide group of Characters and locations, keeping it constantly fresh.  Some Characters seem to be important and then just kind of vanish.  It's also interesting how many people- who mostly aren't named- end up dead and it is barely-mentioned.  I could easily do a Poor Bastards of Cinema on this Show.  The main Characters, in contrast, are put into constant danger and usually make it out just fine.  We know that they won't kill them off, but the Writers manage to put them right to the edge to make you think 'well, maybe I'm wrong.'  It's quite well-done.  As noted, they separate the Cast into sections, but it definitely works better than in Arrested Development.  In this case, they have enough Plot to make this work.  They also give us some new pairings and highlight new Characters to keep things fresh.  I can't go too much into the Ending, for obvious reasons, but I quite liked it too.  I thought it was built up nicely and delivered.  I will say that the Epilogue is a bit drawn out, but still emotionally-strong.  I liked Season 2 more than the general consensus and also liked this one too.  I like how they used Flashbacks to both Seasons throughout to build on the Show's narrative, although it did remind me just how much some of these kids grew up in just a short period of time...
Season 4 is going to be the final one (assuming they don't make a Movie), so enjoy this build-up to the end.

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