Monday, October 21, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Titans- 'Deathstroke'

On the plus side, I was wrong about this being a Flashback Episode.  Mind you, it's still Titans, so...
Deathstroke (never shown out of costume to save money) has captured Jason Todd to get the Titans.
The Team unites to help find Jason, in spite of him being an asshole.  There is still something to be worked out between them though...
Unfortunately, the search proves fruitless and they begin to think of doing more extreme actions after finding a body left by Deathstroke.
Will they give in to their darkness?  Will Rose stick around to find out?  How will this end on a different cliffhanger entirely?

To find out, watch the Show.
A lot of stalling and personal drama.  For an Episode named after the Character, it's amazing how little we learn about him.  Mind you, the one with 'Ghosts' in the Title says the word one time for no good reason.  If anything, we learn more about him in earlier Episodes.  Hell, he actually shows his real face in those Episodes!  This one is all about the original Titans dealing with their emotions and interacting with each other.  Poor Jason Todd is just a pawn in their personal drama!  There are some good moments here, but you definitely have to wait for them.  They also continue the pattern of having big moments happen suddenly and with little set-up.  Gee, thanks.  Without going into SPOILERS too much, I have to ask- what is the rule about Deathstroke's bullets/guns?  A normal gun can pierce a guy who is nigh invulnerable, while his pistol can pierce metal head protection.  Of course, in this same Episode, a bullet proof vest deflects them like nothing!  Can you just agree some internal logic?  I like the use of cliffhanger here, but I know that the payoff won't be worth it.  In the meantime, I'll just remember the last time that we saw DCEU Deathstroke- you poor, missing bastard.
Next time, I was wrong about this one being a Flashback, but I was only off by a little.  Time to stop everything to learn about another new Character!  See you then..

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