Wednesday, October 20, 2021

New Streaming: What If...Thor Was an Only Child (Episode 7)

 Another Wednesday without a new Marvel Show, but I'll make do by talking about the last few.  For instance, this funny little one...

In this Universe, Loki is not adopted by Odin and Thor is raised by himself.

As you can see, he's a bit more loose and care-free...
He still arrives on Earth just like in the MCU proper.

Likewise, two Scientists- but, oddly, not Dr. Selvig- are there to see his arrival.

However, in this Universe, he actually goes to Las Vegas!
Thor brings the party- and lots of aliens- to Earth for a big party.

In spite of her concern, both Ladies find someone to fall for at the Party and take part.

What's the harm?
Concern for what could happen with all of these powerful beings turning Earth into a bacchanal brings out some big players to keep order.

Can order be restored?  Can Thor learn a lesson?
A fun and fresh Episode.  Not every What If... tale- be it Comics or TV- needs to be some grand thing.  This takes a simple idea- remove Loki from Thor's life and what happens- and has some fun with it.  Everyone seems to be having a good time with this one.  For his part, Chris Hemsworth is the biggest of the big MCU Stars- no offense, Mark Ruffalo- to agree to take part in this Show.  With him on board, it really helps.  He plays a fun, care-free Thor that clearly needs some boundaries.  The rest of the Cast do their part- although some have only a line or two- to make this one enjoyable too.  The Action you get is big and bombastic, as we get a face-off that was only teased in the MCU Films.  That's one thing that Animation does for you- frees up the possibility of doing a battle that would no doubt cost millions to do right.  Aside from the bit at the end, this is fun and frivolous.  After some more dour ones before- and to follow- it's a nice change of pace.  Plus, I'm all in for anything to do with Howard the Duck...

Next time, the second-to-last Episode has some big, big moments.  Is it just Disaster Porn though?  See you then...

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