Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Holiday Flix: Starfighters (Luchadores de las Estrellas)

 Instead of doing a Star Wars thing and a Cinco De Mayo thing, here's both!  This is Starfighters, a 1992 Action Film from way of Mexico.  It was shot in the former, but made by people from the latter.  Clear enough?  It features a handful of Luchadores, as well as a gringo who was working in the area at the time.  The Plot- as you can imagine- has a Sci-Fi twist to it.  A strange Alien comes to Earth- with 3 minis- to drink some blood and gain some power.  I apologize if I don't go deep enough into the Plot for you, but here's the thing- no Subtitles.  My Spanish is very, very lacking, but I could pick up enough to follow the basics.  The Film is obscure enough that I couldn't even find Subtitles online for it, so thems the breaks.  As per the usual, there's lots of actual Wrestling in here.  Will it give the rare example of having both actual Wrestling and good non-wrestling Action Scenes?  Para averiguarlo, sigue leyendo...

A ship crashes, well, somewhere and some little Aliens come out.  They are accompanied by a larger one as well.

Said Aliens are played by famous Minis, most notably Mascarita Sagrada (who was featured heavily on Lucha Underground and in '90s WWF)
This seems to affect a lady Luchador- played by Co-Writer/General Manger/Costume Designer/Theme Song Writer Gloria Mayo- but she convinces her friend that it is all tranquilo with her.
The Aliens go to a Club to get what they are after- blood!

So, if you can follow, our Villain is an Alien...who's a Vampire...and a Wrestler...who dresses/acts like a Terminator.

As a bonus, he's played by Tyler Mane, most famous for playing Sabretooth and Michael Meyers (in the Remakes).
Since our Film is all about Wrestlers, we get the first of THREE Matches here.  The world of Mondo Bizarro Cinema and Let's Go to the Ring aren't that far apart sometimes.

At least a later match features Blue Demon Jr (also on Lucha Underground) and a guy named Satanico.
The Aliens continue to abduct women for their blood (Necessito Sangre, cries our villain) use random religious imagery.

This is from 1992, so they beat ECW to this by 4 years.
The lead Alien really wants our Heroine for some reason (does it matter that much?) and he brought along a fog machine!
He chases her to the Ring for a battle that- naturally- includes irish whips and a giant swing.

Hey look- an Empty Arena Match!
After another match, some more Action and some so-so Plot, our Heroes defeat the little Aliens (who are transformed into big ones) and Nitron the Space Vampire here with an electric line and a small pool.
Our Heroine is still confused about all of this as she walks outside with the others...whereupon a different Spaceship shines a light on her, transforms her into a new outfit and takes her away.

In the aftermath, they sequel bait Masters of the Universe-style with Nitron.  The End.
It's all pretty damn silly.  Would this have been a much better Film if I spoke fluent Spanish?  I mean, think about what happens.  Three Wrestlers have to deal with 3 little Aliens and a Space Vampire.  It isn't Citizen Kane.  Hell, it isn't even Citizen Toxie!  It is all just silly fun here.  Like most of these Wrestling Movies from Mexico, it has lots of action, lots of dubious acting and some silly stuff across the board.  I missed alot of the little moments from the Plot I'm sure, but this whole thing still works.  The matches themselves are decent, but you only get the action from the hard camera.  My best guess is that the Film Cameras for this were *extra* cameras and just went where there was room.  Otherwise, why else would you set it so far away, never zoom in and never change angles?  The big hook here is Nitron (aka Mane).  He's dubbed quite noticeably here and just generally looks menacing in a kind of silly way.  They have him do the usual 'wrestling big man' stuff here while the trio bump off of him/around him.  It's clear that they want him to look and act like The Terminator here.  Sorry, the only wrestling Teminator is Road Warrior Animal's Brother Joe (as seen in the AWA Episode of Let's Go to the Ring!).  Well, him or Arnold himself in that one WWE 2K game.  If you like silly stuff and speak Spanish, you might enjoy this for the throwback that it is.  If you don't, well, why are you watching Starfighters?  In closing, it is funny how the little things will sometimes make you laugh.  For me, in a Film full of cheesy effects, Minis and Aliens, this guy commando rolling out of the car while he's supposed to be knocked out just makes me laugh...

Next up, I just re-watched a Film I last saw in 2009.  Time to dig it up for a proper Review.  Stay tuned...

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