Monday, April 12, 2021

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Black Panther Bitch M

 Are you still a Poor Bastard if you're a lady?  Is it a Gender Neutral term?
Let's find out...

In Black Panther Bitch M, our titular Heroine is a killer trying to take out a bad Businessman.

After being wounded, she escapes and recovers.

The men's henchmen go looking for her and think they have found her...but they're wrong.

To prove that she's the woman, they need to see where her scar is...
So while they don't try to kill her (yet)- they rip open her top and make her feel, well, less than safe.
The actual woman- who saw this go down- interrupts them with a net (as you do) and we get another Action Scene.
So yeah, she doesn't get killed, but...I mean, she clearly suffers.
Her crime- looking kind of like our Heroine.

Next time, a Cop in a Horror Film.  Yeah, it won't end well.

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