Wednesday, January 20, 2021

New Streaming: WandaVision- Episodes #1 and 2

 After a long (and unplanned) time away from the MCU, it is good to be back.  Of course, there are many mysteries to uncover and things for me NOT to SPOIL...

After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, Vision is how is he living an idyllic life in a 1950's Sitcom with The Scarlet Witch?
The pair must endure some amusingly-cliché bits of the Genre like 'The Boss Comes Over for Dinner.'

If you're going to copy The Dick Van Dyke Show, you might as well consult with the man himself to do so.
As they move on to a slightly-different homage in Episode 2, will they continue to miss the subtle signs that something is amiss?
Will more time around the Neighbors spark any intrigue or suspicion?

To be fair, everyone kind of looks like they are up to something when shot in black and white.
What is the secret of this strange place?  Who's really in charge?

Also who remembers Pleasantville?  I'm having flashbacks.

To find out, stream the first 2 Episodes to see how it all begins...
A fun, stylistic start to the Show.  Due to Pandemic issues, it really has been too long since new MCU material.  I obviously don't blame them for the delay.  With that in mind, it is really great to see this.  Putting aside my withdrawal issues, this is a fun, fresh-feeling Show.  They go just the right amount towards doing a friendly homage to Shows of this time without feeling mean.  They are Classics for a reason, after all.  I obviously don't know the full extent of where this is going, but I like the window dressing so far.  They have fun with the look and feel of it all.  They show you how things have changed and how they haven't.  I like how the stuff that is clearly setting up the main Plot is just kind of simmering at this point.  Something is obviously not right...but let's wait to see.  In the meantime, it is the first Show I've seen with fake Commercials in it since Danger 5, which obviously dealt with more overt Parody.  I really do want to see where this all goes and how much fun they can have with the stylistic choices here.  In Comics, the Vision-Scarlet Witch romance has had more downs than ups, so let's see how this one in the MCU compares as time goes on...

Here's hoping that this intro to Phase 4 continues to be fun and creative!

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