Saturday, October 12, 2019

Poor Bastards of Cinema: Dark Phoenix (2019)

Dark Phoenix was a big misfire.

On the plus side, I got another one of these.

In the Film, a bland woman leaves her Dinner Party when her dog barks.  Why not?
She runs across some Aliens, who apparently kill her and copy her body.
She comes back- acting just as bland- and uses her new powers of, um, body distortion to kill everyone.

This is so they can copy the others, not that this really amounts to anything.
The real shame- they probably had paella.  Aw...
These poor bastards are not relevant to the Plot, but we needed them to be killed to, that the evil Aliens are evil.

Mind you, this is the same race whose tragic death meant that Jean Grey had to die (thanks, Jim Starlin), so making them evil is kind of like having Jewish Villains replacing the Nazis.  And yes, that is Godwin's Law.

The moral: don't invite boring people to your party.  It's actually just good advice overall, really.

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