Tuesday, October 8, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Titans- 'Aqualad'

The 1,000mph was just too much, so we might as well have a 2-Episode Flashback Tale.  Seriously.  Let's just see if it is worth it...
Five Years Ago...from I guess the end of Episode 3 we get a Flashback to how Deathstroke is super-deadly and kills people.

Of course, this also depends on the people having zero security, but badass has to badass.
The Titans- not Teen anymore- are still together, but clearly some things have changed.  One of them is the fact that Aqualad is a Member, although we don't see him in the present.

It can't be a SPOILER that he's killed, right?  I mean, the whole Episode is just one long set-up to the death, so...
The group gets together to stop Dr. Light for the first time.

Hey look- they do have uniforms!  Will we get them in any future Episodes?
Can they stop Dr. Light?  Is this just 60 minutes of pathos for a character we've never even met?

To find out, watch the Show on DC Universe or however else you do so.
A slow walk to an obvious location.  Right off the bat, this one feels odd.  We just start a Plot and end with a big Cliffhanger.  Naturally, it is the perfect time to stop everything cold for a Flashback that we needed to see in one big chunk, as opposed to spacing it out.  Does this one work in a Binge-able Show?  Yes.  Does this come out one Episode per week?  Yes.  So, you know, maybe don't punish the people trying to watch the Show in real time.  Skipping past that, this one is...alright.  I like that we get to see the group dynamic.  That said, we get to see them right before something big happens.  That said, they also sneak a time-jump in here, which is weird when you think about the fact that this is all a flashback.  Donna has to leave (or does she) in two weeks and they just literally skip right past it?  I thought she was just lying when she said it was 'tonight,' but then it actually is.  So Dr. Light just chilled out at his base for 13 days or so?  It took that long to find a hit on a famous person that is dead and/or a famous criminal?  This little thing is just so frustrating, especially when you consider something else.  You see, we get to see them take down the 'Happy Birthday' display...but that makes zero sense now.  If two weeks have passed, they haven't taken that shit down?!?  I have more questions about how this works, but I'll hold off on them in case the next Episode explains things.  When all is said and done, this is a random, fairly-unnecessary Flashback Episode (of TWO!!!) that is going to make for awkward skipping when/if you watch the complete Season 2 on DVD or as a collection.  Also where the hell is Superboy?  These folks want to know...
Next time, the flashbacking continues.  Now we get to see our Heroes be terrible, so...yea?  See you then...

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