Thursday, July 11, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Swamp Thing- 'Drive All Night'

A bit of a technical snafu delayed this one, so let me make up for lost time...
The girl at the center of the outbreak is now staying with Sunderland (for his own bad reasons).  Unfortunately for her, an angry spirit is still hanging around the House Ju-On-style.
Moping about the Swamp, our Lead discovers that he can see memories by touching certain trees.  Those include his own (below) and one involving Abby that he has to decipher.
The would-be Blue Demon discovers that trying to leave Marais is still a no-go.
The evil Doctor working Sunderland discovers samples in Alec's Lab and now knows that something strange exists in his logic-run World.
What is the secret of the flashback that Alec saw?  Will it help or harm the ones he cares about?

To find out, stream the Show while you can.  By all accounts, DC Universe may be something completely different in 2020!
More good Episodes- even if I now know that I'm halfway done with them.  Mind you, I've watched the first 9 Episodes of The Tick Season 2, but won't watch the last one for a while.  In this case, I'm just committed to enjoying it until it ends.  This time, we get mysteries going back to the 1st Episode finally getting answered.  Why did Mrs. Sunderland freak out so much about Abby?  Well, now we know- mostly.  Naturally, one mystery being answered leads to another one!  Beyond that, we get continuations of other Stories.  We also get a mystery man that may be important for later.  Will he or is this more of a could-have-been tease?  I'll wait and see.  Everything that worked so far continues to work.  I continue to be curious about the mysteries that they are teasing.  The Show continues to be good and I'll try to enjoy what little I'm going to get.  Thanks, HBO Max.  I may sound like a broken record, but...holy crap, look how much work they put into this Suit!
Next time, things get more intense for our hero and more secrets will be revealed.  It's vague, but so am I.  See you then...

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