Wednesday, June 19, 2019

DCE-Hulu: Swamp Thing- 'He Speaks'

Another week of watching the end come to this Show.  Can I continue to enjoy its last weeks?
In the aftermath of the bloody conclusion, Swamp Thing/Alec has, well, mixed feelings about what he did.
Woodrue is put on the case by Avery (to cover things up) and must work with Abby.

The last time we got a live-action Jason Woodrue was Batman & Robin.  The last Animated Appearance was Batman & Harley Quinn.  THIS is an upgrade!
Liv looks into the situation from another angle, pressing a man who was apparently doing money laundering for Avery.
A strange creature is brought to life while all of this is going on.  Will this be too much to handle?

To find out, stream the Show.  You can also enjoy watching Titans and its....and I can't complete that sentence without laughing.
Another good Episode, which makes the pain of the Show's cancellation all the worse.  As a fan of the Character, I was obviously hoping for a really good Show.  Once I found out that it was cancelled, I was kind of hoping for it to do something wrong.  That may sound bad, but hear me out.  If it gets bad, I could rationalize the decision to cancel it easier and not be bothered.  Sadly (I guess), it's still quite good.  The Acting and Production Values continue to be solid.  As noted before, the Suit (surely enhanced by CGI in some way) looks amazing.  I've never really *disliked* a Swamp Thing look, although maybe the under-detailed one from the first Movie comes closest.  The Plot moves along nicely and Characters get little wrinkles to them.  Woodrue has some backstory to make him relatable, while 'Blue Devil' has some to make him possibly-evil.  Avery and his wife also have some interesting stuff to explore, which should be good.  We also get a neat creature- which I won't SPOIL- that fits in nicely with the Show.  Why do you have to be so good?  I'm just going to miss you more!  I'll take solace in enjoying the insane amount of detail put into this look, I guess...
Next time, more intrigue, creatures and, most likely, murder.  Here's hoping they paced this one correctly!  See you then...

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